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  • "A new record of <em>H. arguinensis</em> colonizing the Mediterranean Sea". <em>Mar Biodiv Rec</em> (2012), 5: e105.
  • <em>Holuthuria mammata</em> (photograph by E. Gonçalves)
  • Oral papiles (photograph by M. González-Wangüemert)
  • "Cala Disa". Sicily, Italy (photograph by M. González-Wangüemert)

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Sea cucumber stocks have been overfished in many countries from Indian and Pacific oceans as result of ever-increasing market demand, uncontrolled exploitation and/or inadequate fisheries management. The life-history traits of holothurians make them especially vulnerable to overfishing because they have low or infrequent recruitment, high longevity and density-dependent reproductive success. This situation has resulted in catch of new target species from Mediterranean Sea and Northeastern Atlantic Ocean whose fisheries are in the process of development.
Among the new economically important species to stress Holothuria mammata (Grube, 1840), H. tubulosa (Gmelin, 1970) and H. polii (Delle-Chaije, 1823). The main problem of these fisheries is the existence of several sea cucumber species living at the same region with similar external morphology, very difficult identification and with scarce information about life strategies, population dynamics and evolution history.
Another target species from the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Antilles and Gulf of Mexico is Parastichopus regalis (Cuvier, 1817), which is commercialized mainly for human consumption in the NW Mediterranean (Catalonia).
The last considered species is Isostichopus badionotus (Selenka, 1867) which is found throughout the Caribbean Sean and in Bermuda.


The main goal of this proposal is to study the incipient sea cucumber fisheries of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and to assess the genetic structure of these species including the selection ...

I CUMFISH workshop

This workshop gathered researchers from all the world, discussing current status and future perspectives of sea cucumbers. Follow presentations, photos and videos of the event.


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