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CCMAR Seminar: All together now! Participation in fisheries management

Quarta, 5 Abril, 2017
Anf. A (CP) - Gambelas Campus UAlg


05th APR | 13:30 | Anf. A (CP)

All together now!
Participation in fisheries management

Mafalda Rangel






Participatory approaches have been increasingly used as a way to include stakeholders in decision-making processes, following the direct recommendations of the new European Common Fishery Policy. The Fisheries, Biodiversity and Conservation Group (CCMAR) has been promoting a transparent forum of discussion and dialogue by gathering various interested parties of the Algarve fisheries sector. The goal is to encourage participation of all actors in the decision-making process while promoting the transfer of knowledge between the different parties. To develop such forums, several research projects have been carried out over the past years. “Tertúlia do Polvo” aimed at understanding the opinions and perceptions of fisher’s representatives and fishing communities about the management of the Algarve octopus fishery. Monthly participatory workshops brought together all stakeholders of this fishery and as a result, the current legislation is now being altered. The ongoing H2020 project MINOUW aims at reducing discards by encouraging new fishing procedures. It includes an innovative approach that uses participatory tools to define which methods should be tested by the researchers, favoring the techniques and technologies selected by the fishers.

Short CV

Mafalda Rangel graduated in Marine Biology and Fisheries from the University of Algarve, and completed her MSc in Marine Sciences & Marine Resources from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar, University of Porto. She concluded her PhD in Coastal Management at the University of Algarve in 2014. Mafalda has been part of the Fisheries, Biodiversity and Conservation (FBC) group of the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR) since her MSc. Currently she integrates the research team of the RIA H2020 Project MINOUW (Science, Technology and society initiatives to minimize unwanted catches in European Fisheries). Her research interests focus on: fisheries, fisheries management, recreational fisheries, artisanal fisheries, socio-economics of fisheries, participative management of fisheries, stakeholders’ interaction, coastal management, marine & coastal tourism, underwater diving tourism, sustainable tourism, fisheries ecology, and marine biodiversity and conservation. She has been involved in numerous European and national research projects regarding fishing and recreational activities that occur in coastal areas, mainly focusing on recreational fisheries, fisheries management, artisanal fisheries, stakeholders’ participation in fisheries management, and diving activities.


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