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Corralling Pelagic Phaeophyceae for Biofuels

Sexta, 7 Junho, 2019
Anfiteatro A | Complexo Pedagógico I Gambelas Campus

TOPIC: Transformative technologies to grow macroalgae as a potential sustainable biofuel source for future energy needs with robots, AI and remote sensing..

Sargassum (S. fluitans and S. natans), is a fast-growing, vegetatively reproducing macroalgae that remains unattached throughout its lifecycle. To corral Sargassum in a free-floating enclosure, we have designed untethered enclosures that follow waves, remain upright and are positioned by remotely-controlled drone tugs on the outer edges of anticyclonic mesoscale rings. Single enclosures are 50 ha each with a group of 20 “farms” supported by harvesting and bulk transport equipment at sea.


About our speaker:

Anthony Jones is an oceanographer trained at the University of Hawaii specializing in environmental sound engineered solutions for marine resources.


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