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GreenTreat - Urban Wastewater Treatment Using Microalgae

Quarta, 22 Maio, 2019
Room 2.31 I Building 7 I Gambelas Campus

In this seminar, we’ll be talking about the GreenTreat - a FCT project for the treatment of urban wastewater using microalgae. An experimental pilot installation with newly designed photobioreactors was placed in a wastewater treatment plant from Águas do Algarve and inoculated with microalgae. Nutrients and pharmaceuticals removal will be assessed as well as treated water re-use scenarios. Produced biomass will be upgraded for biofuels and biofertilizers. An economical assessment of the process and LCA are foreseen.


About our speaker:

Luisa Barreira is an Assistant Professor FCT/UALG, holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Technologies. She is a Researcher in MarBiotech (CCMAR) and a Coordinator of 2 projects in Biotech.


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