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Microalgae: a nutritional resource to improve zebrafish reproduction

Quarta, 8 Julho, 2020


Microalgae industrially produced is a valuable and sustainable resource to improve zebrafish reproductive potential and reduce live feed maintenance. The investigation of the effect of different commercial products for live feed enrichment is essential to improve zebrafish broodstock nutrition and reproduction. The objective of this work was to investigate the reproductive performance of zebrafish broodstock fed once and twice a week with artemia enriched with different commercial products.


The seminar will be held on July 8, at 13:30, online via Zoom platform or you can participate in the event at the Amphitheater A, Complexo Pedagógico. Use of mask is required. Limited seats. Participants must keep 1,5 m of social distance. 

Participation is free, but mandatory to register.  REGISTER HERE!



About our speaker:

Patricia Alexandra Cavaleiro Diogo investigated fish reproductive biology in CCMAR during 13 years and is currently R&D manager in Necton SA focused on new microalgae products development.



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