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Skeletonema marinoi cyclooxygenase characterization

Quarta, 30 Setembro, 2020
Amphitheater A | Complexo Pedagógico | Gambelas Campus | University of Algarve

Prostaglandins are very important hormone like molecules that in mammals have very important functions. They are principally involved in inflammation and fevere regulation as well as tumor progressions. Their synthesis require an eleveted number of steps wich results in a very expensive production. Their discovery in marine microalgae opens stimulate the understanding of their ecological and physiological role in such simple organisms as well as the search for their biotechnological applications.


The seminar will be held on September 30, at 13:30, online via Zoom platform or you can participate in the event at the Amphitheater A, Complexo Pedagógico. Use of mask is required. Limited seats. Participants must keep 1,5 m of social distance. 

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About our speaker:

Valeria Di Dato is a researcher in Marine Biotechnology. Bioinformaticians and Molecular Biologist. Interested in ecology, physiology and omics technique.


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