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Tackling Non-Compliance in Small-scale Fisheries

Quarta, 17 Novembro, 2021
Online | Zoom platform

Sustainable wildlife trade is critical for biodiversity conservation, livelihoods, and food security. However, compliance with wildlife trade rules and regulations cannot be taken for granted. In this seminar, I will be showing results from a variety of methods used to understand non-compliance in a small-scale fishery in Chile. I will integrate approaches to understand non-compliance not only in the harvester sector (fishers) but also how the incentives of traders (i.e., intermediaries) and markets can affect the way wildlife markets operate. I will finish with a discussion of how these approaches can be used in other contexts.


The seminar will be held on November 17, at 13:30, online via Zoom platform.
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About our speaker:

Rodrigo Oyanedel is a Marine Biologist, currently doing a PhD at the University of Oxford.


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