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Use of in vitro culture techniques for the conservation of threatened plants

Quarta, 24 Maio, 2023
Room 2.31A | Building 7 l University of Algarve

Endemic, and rare plants usually face conservation challenges that threaten their populations, and compromise their long-term survival in natural habitats. Some of these constraints include limited distribution areas, habitat loss, and poor reproductive success (among others) that are being intensified with the environmental variations as a result of climate change. This fact is especially important for coastal plants due to the complexity, vulnerability, and anthropization of coastal ecosystems. In this regard, a complementary set of in situ, and ex situ conservation measures are being applied globally to ensure the conservation of these taxa. In this context, in vitro culture techniques offer a valuable platform for ex situ conservation of plant germplasm, and also allow fast production of individuals aimed to reinforce or restore natural populations.

In this seminar, we will cover the advances in the use of in vitro culture techniques for the conservation of endemic, rare, and threatened plants in Spain, with a focus on coastal plants from the Valencian Region, and we will discuss some of the principles, and approaches in Plant Physiology, and Applied Plant Biotechnology that could be useful to integrate these biotechnological tools in Environmental, and Biodiversity Conservation.



The seminar will be held on May 24, at 13:30, in Room 2.31A | Building 7 l University of Algarve.
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About our speaker: 

Jorge Juan Vicedo is a doctor in Biodiversity and Conservation since 2016, currently is an assistant professor at UCV, and has 25 published papers on the seminar's topic


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