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Principles and Aplications of Real Time PCR systems

Quinta, 17 Dezembro, 2020
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CCMAR has acquired two Real-Time PCR systems"CFX Touch" to reinforce the capabilities of the Molecular Biology Platform and the scientific community in general. The CFX system is a Real-Time PCR system based on the C1000 Touch thermal cycler. The CFX block is capable of generating a thermal gradient to optimize the PCR experiments. The System is compatible with the fluorescent techniques used in PCR amplification. The software CFX Maestro allows the acquisition, visualization and analysis of the data generated by the CFX, and supports applications such as quantification, melting curve analysis, end point analysis, allelic discrimination and analysis of gene expression and ANOVA tests.


The event will be held online, registrations are mandatory but free. Receive link upon registration.


10:00 -11:00 (WET): 

  • CFX96 and the CFX 384 system, differences and advantages 
  • CFX Maestro software, new tools
  • Bio statistics in CFX Maestro software
Scientists and companies interested in perform quantitative PCR reactions and gene expression, as well as using the software for the selection of the best reference gene, analyzing different plates simultaneously, grouping data for interpretation by groups and/or technical replicates, as well as allowing ANOVA statistical analysis.
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Eduardo Lopes

Bio-Rad Laboratories Lda. – Portugal ​
Key Account Manager and qPCR Application Specialist Bio-Rad Laboratories Lda. – Portugal ​ since April 2000.
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