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TítuloHandbook of seafood: Quality and Safety Maintenance and Applications
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGenç, IY, Esteves, E, Diler, A
PublisherNova Science Publishers Inc.
Município/ConcelhoNew York
ISBN Number978-1-63485-852-6

Seafood and related products have an important place in the human diet providing for the protein needs and having a nutritional composition that has favorable health impacts on human beings. Considering the rapid increase in world population and the demand in terms of protein needs that are provided by seafood, the necessary need to assure the quality and safety of seafood products has been raised up. Due to the nutritional composition, neutral pH, high moisture content, weak connective tissue and living environment (fresh and sea water), seafood is very perishable. Maintaining the quality and safety of seafood needs higher attention compared to other food products.

This handbook compiles recent methods, applications as well as technologies utilized to guarantee the quality and safety of various seafood from harvesting to the retail level. The status of emerging and hurdle technology applications, genomic, mathematical and computer-based methods, quality economics together with chemical, sensory and microbiological changes and quality/safety of seafood products are reviewed and discussed in this book. The emphasis on less-known or under-valued species from different locales was intentional. Moreover, this handbook is an abridged, streamlined but relatively comprehensive reference for food engineers and technologists, producers from the industry in addition to undergraduate and graduate students from academia.

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