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Book Chapter

TítuloLarvae digestion and new weaning experiments in Solea senegalensis
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsDinis, MT, Ribeiro, L, Conceição, LEC, Aragão, C
Book TitleRecent advances in Mediterranean aquaculture finfish species diversification
Series TitleCahiers Options Méditerranéennes
PublisherZaragoza : CIHEAM

This paper is a review of the last achievements to improve the conditions of rearing Solea senegalensis, such as the effect of background colour and light intensity on feeding efficiency and subsequent larval growth, and the major events during the development of the larval digestive system. Although they occur during the early stages, the gastric glands were observed only around 28 DAH (days after hatching). Alkaline and acid phosphates, lipase and aminopeptidase activities were observed from mouth opening onwards and increased with larval development. The development of enzymatic activities in brush border membranes suggested that intestinal maturation was initiated on the 21 DAH in sole larvae. Data obtained suggest that only after 31 DAH S. senegalensis larvae have a morphologically complete digestive tract and they are able to digest and absorb complex nutrients. In the range of dietary protein per lipid ratios studied, higher ratios appear to have lead to an increased growth.