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Advanced Technologies and Training

The Advanced Technologies & Training (ATT) programme was established in 2016 to coordinate CCMAR training activities and organise specialist training courses on emerging technologies, ranging from 1-day specialist training aimed mainly at local and national participants, to 5-day residential courses that are attended by guests from around the world.

ATT events are organised by CCMAR members and collaborators and are open for anyone to attend. These events are  typically self-funding, and as so, they usually require registration and a fee to attend.

Further information about up-coming events can be obtained from the course organisers. To organise a course or enquire about sponsorship, please contact


2019 Preliminary ATT Programme

ATT: Zebrafish systems as tools for the screening of osteogenic compounds

  • Scientific organizer: Joana Rosa
  • Tentative date: 1st workshop in July/August and 2nd in November

ATT: Effective Scientific Writing - Shirley Ellis (Training for Universities, PLC)

  • Scientific organizer: Cymon Cox
  • Tentative date: September

ATT: Ethology and welfare of captive fishes.

  • Scientific organizer: João Saraiva
  • Tentative date: September / October

ATT: An Introduction to Bioinformatics and computational technologies

  • Scientific organizer: Cymon Cox
  • Tentative date: September / October

ATT: Marine Genomics

ATT: High resolution mass spectrometry in marine metabolomics.

ATT: Applied Bioinformatics

  • Scientific organizer: Deborah Power
  • Tentative date: to be confirmed

ATT: Climate Dynamics