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Doctoral School

Elevating the PhD experience

The CCMAR Doctoral School fully prepares PhD candidates for a career as marine scientist. It fosters creative thinking and scientific rigour while providing the necessary tools and skills to put scientific research into practice.


Training by research in a top R&D centre

CCMAR offers its PhD candidates an immersive and enriching experience in marine research. With an excellent and diverse research programme, the centre has built a track record in the training of future marine scientists.


        Our competences:

  • Marine Biology
  • Ecology
  • Oceanography
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Fisheries
  • Aquaculture

Learning with the best

PhD candidates receive close supervision and are fully integrated in research teams. Supervision takes place on a continuous basis and is tailored to the specific research needs of the PhD candidate. For achieving specific research goals or overcoming unexpected obstacles, PhD candidates are also offered individual coaching with experts in their research field.


Connecting with the world

CCMAR provides access to a wide array of international networks and European research infrastructures, including the European Marine Biological Resource Centre, Elixir and the European Marine Seafloor Observatory. Collaboration agreements are frequently established with other national and international entities, including not only academia but also business and industry.


Fully preparing marine researchers

A career in marine science requires more than being able to conduct research. Researchers must develop critical scientific thinking, advance in specific technical skills and be familiar with a wide range of basic scientific activities and soft skills. The CCMAR Doctoral School offers essential career development activities for PhD candidates.

Crossing knowledge lines

Excelling in research often means combining different disciplines to solve a research problem. PhD candidates have the opportunity to engage with research teams from different scientific fields and to interact with business partners.


Inspiring scientists for the future  


The CCMAR Doctoral School creates science leaders. Through mentoring activities, PhD candidates receive advice on career opportunities and challenges and are inspired to become future leaders.


Building bridges in science


CCMAR has a worldwide network of scientific partners. CCMAR is a founding member of the Sino-Portuguese International Laboratory of Marine Biology and has established strategic partnerships with Shanghai Ocean University (Shanghai), Chinese Academy of Sciences (Qingdao), Yellow Sea Technology Institute (Qingdao). CCMAR is open to new partnerships in China and to receive Chinese PhD candidates.


The best place to live and work


CCMAR is located in the south of Portugal, a quiet and peaceful country on the southwestern corner of Europe. The south of Portugal, a region called Algarve, is one of Europe's top holiday destinations due to its warm Mediterranean climate and nearly 200 km of beautiful beaches. CCMAR is based at the region’s capital, Faro, a lively city with a privileged location next to the International Airport of Faro that has become a major gateway towards Europe and the World.

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