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Besides sharing scientific advances, knowledge and opportunities, scientific seminars are ideal settings to stimulate critical scientific thinking, foster networking and promote research opportunities. The CCMAR Seminars are held frequently, usually on Wednesdays, and are presented not only by CCMAR researchers but also by national and international collaborators. Our seminars cover a wide range of topics, including new scientific discoveries and approaches, opportunities for research funding and partnerships, original state-of-the-art research, the description of innovative resources and tools for science and the contributions of research to Blue Growth, Blue Society and policy making.


Our seminar program is managed by the CCMAR PhD Candidates Comittee. If you want to propose a seminar,  contact them through


Our Scientific Seminars are kindly sponsored by:


In this seminar, Eleni Galliopoulou will talk about the role of genetic background and dietary...

04 December 2019
Room 2.31a I Building 7 I Gambelas Campus

Alejandro Acosta will talk about reef fish spawning aggregations in this seminar.

27 November 2019
Room 2.31a | Building 7 I Gambelas Campus

This seminar will address the knowns and unknowns related to microplastic...

20 November 2019
Room 2.31a | Building 7 I Gambelas Campus

Pablo Arechavala-Lopez will talk about environmental enrichment that is considered a potential...

14 November 2019
Anfiteatro B | Complexo Pedagógico I Gambelas Campus

In this seminar, Cátia Lourenço Marques will talk about the potential of the use of molecular...

06 November 2019
Room 2.31a | Building 7 UAlg | Campus Gambelas