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Anatomy, Ontogeny, Pathology, Systems biology, and Behavior: a new view of life

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Rui Diogo will provide a brief historical account on the study of the links between evolution, development and pathologies, followed by recent work on these subjects. He will connect these recent works with the research done and broader ideas proposed by authors such as Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Waddington, Goldschmidt, Gould and Per Alberch, among others. Also, he will connect these issues with current discussions on the need for a revised theory of evolution, or Extended Evolutionary Synthesis.


The seminar will be held on October 14, at 1:30 PM Lisbon Time | 2:30 PM Paris Time | 8:30 AM DC Time | online via Zoom platform.

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About our speaker:

Rui Diogo is Associate Professor at the Howard University College of Medicine and a Resource Faculty at the Center for the Advanced Study of Hominid Paleobiology of George Washington University (US). He has won several prestigious awards, being the only researcher to be selected for the first or second place for best article of the year in the top anatomical journal of the planet ("Journal of Anatomy") two times in just three years (2013 and 2015). He was also one of the youngest researchers to be nominated as a fellow of the American Association of Anatomists. He is also an author/co-author of over 150 papers in top journals, including Nature, as well as of numerous book chapters and over 15 books.



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