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ECOLOGICAL MUSIC - Call for reviewers

Monday, November 11, 2019
ANFUP (wood pavillion) l Gambela Campus

The OSMOSE group aims to bring science from CCMAR closer to society through art.

This first activity consists on the presentation of a basic repertory of the Mixed Music Lab (LMM) about ecology and, later, a discussion of the ideas explored with the scientists specialized in this area. The objective of the initiative proposed here is the composition of a pedagogical concert about ecology, in its many aspects, in partnership with the LMM of the Lisbon School of Music (ESML). 

There will be an open concert to present the basic repertoire to the target audience of the event that will last about 45 minutes. After this concert, there will be a discussion between the composers and musicians of the LMM and the researchers of CCMAR and UAlg about the components of dissemination and communication of the concert.

The final repertory is intended to be presented in future activities of dissemination of the LMM and CCMAR in partnership. In this sense, we would like to propose its inclusion in the next meeting of the IPCC.


The open event will take place from 15:30 to 17:00 at the ANFUP bar and is limited to only 20 participants. 

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