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PhD thesis presentation of Vânia Baptista

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Auditório Verde l Edifício 8 l Gambelas Campus

Our PhD candidate, Vânia Baptista from ECOREACH group, will present and defend her thesis about “Influence of oceanography and larvae behavior on recruitment of temperate fishes: The importance of physics–biology links to manage fisheries at a local scale”.

The defense will be supervised by Alexandra Teodósio (CCMAR), Francisco Leitão (CCMAR) and Eric Wolanski (James Cook University). It will be defended in the Green Amphitheatre, building 8, at 10.00 AM on October 30th.

Brief summary of Vânia thesis: This thesis aimed to analyze the factors responsible for the recruitment variability of two economically relevant species in Portugal: white seabream and two-banded seabream. The temporal variability in sea surface temperature and the effects of environmental changes and fishing pressure on these resources were studied over specific regions of the Portuguese coast, along the last decades. Swimming capabilities of fish larvae and their behavioral responses to environmental cues, potentially relevant for the selection of nursery areas and recruitment, were determined using Ria Formosa coastal lagoon and white seabream.

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