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Progestin receptors in the European eel through spermatogenesis

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Anfiteatro A I Complexo Pedagógico I Gambelas Campus

TOPIC:  In this seminar, we’ll be talking about nuclear and membrane progestin receptors in the European eel: characterization and expression in vivo through spermatogenesis.

Due to its complex life cycle and its phylogenetical position, the European eel is an excellent model to study the ancestral regulatory functions which are controlling reproduction. Eel final sperm maturation is regulated by DHP. However, a second role for DHP on the initiation of meiosis has been demonstrated. To elucidate the role of progestin receptors, we characterized two nuclear (PGRs) and 5 membrane (mPRs) progestin receptors and studied the gene expression through spermatogenesis.


About our speaker:

Marina Morini studies the regulation of internal (sexual hormones) and external (temperature) factors involved in the control of the European eel reproduction.

She is on a short-stay collaboration at CCMAR, funded by AquaExcel.



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