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Temperature sensing in fish caudal neurosecretory system

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Online Zoom | Amphitheater A, CP

The caudal neurosecretory system (CNSS) is unique to fish and has been shown to maintain homeostasis in response to seasonal changes. However, its temperature sensitivity is unknown. Here, we used in vitro electrophysiological and anatomical approaches to investigate a thermosensory pathway in the CNSS, which may add to our understanding of the physiological role of the CNSS in thermoregulation and seasonal adaptation.

The seminar will be held on July 1st, at 13:30, online via Zoom platform or you can participate in the event at the Amphitheater A, Complexo Pedagógico. Use of mask is required. Limited seats. Participants must keep 1,5 m of social distance. 

Participation is free, but mandatory to register.  REGISTER HERE!


About our speaker:

Dr. Mingzhe Yuan recently obtained his doctorate at Shanghai Ocean University. His research aspect is about the adaptive physiology of aquatic animals.



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