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Basic and safety handling of Beckman Coulter rotors and centrifuges

Monday, March 22, 2021
Course Description 


CCMAR has acquired one High-Speed Centrifuge and two Ultracentrifuges in the context of the EMBRC.PT project. These centrifuges will reinforce the capabilities of the Protein and Molecular Biology Platforms and all the CCMAR scientific community. We hope will increase and improve the output of all groups and visitors to CCMAR.





The event will be held online, registrations are mandatory but free. A link for attendance will be received upon succesful registration.


In this session we will talk about different type of Centrifuges:

High-Speed Centrifuges

  • from accelerating sample processing and enhancing workflows to saving space and overcoming shared lab challenges. High-speed centrifuges are versatile tools for a wide range of separations. This lab equipment is designed to provide more throughput, faster turns, and greater control over workflows.


  • The elite line of ultracentrifuges has attained high levels of speed and sophistication, without sacrificing usability. Fast and efficient, this ultracentrifuge possesses multi-layered safety features that ensure a secure and productive work environment.

Benchtop Centrifuges

  • Benchtop Centrifuges: Small but Mighty Workhorses of the Lab.Designed for cell culture processing, blood sample preparation, microplate applications and more, benchtop centrifuges provide fast and efficient centrifugation solutions in a single and compact instrument.
Intended Audience 
Scientists and companies interested in making gradients, fractionations, extracts, isolation of vesicles and proteins, necessary for their scientific research.
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Graduated in Biochemistry and with a Master’s degree in Molecular Biomedicine, I developed my career focusing on the study of diverse neurological diseases. Later on, I changed the public research world for the pharmaceutical industry along with Merck company. I have dedicated almost 4 years to the production of recombinant human growht hormone and follicle human hormone. Currently, I am the Business Line Manager of Beckman Coulter product line and Biotek and Haier.
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Advanced Training
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