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Research Fellowship (Doctoral) Advertisement – 1 vacancy (CCMAR/BI/0015/2019)

Research Fellowship (Doctor) Advertisement – 1 vacancy

Within the project LuandaWaterFront

Ref. ª: CCMAR/BI/0015/2019

The Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) in the Algarve, Portugal, opens a position for a PhD Research fellowship (BI – Doutor) in the project with the reference 333191101 – LuandaWaterFront “LuandaWaterFront – “Luanda Bay Ecological Assessment: A waterfront based approach to reduce environmental risks and increase quality of life”, under Sistema de Apoio à Investigação Científica e Tecnológica (SAICT), supported by Aga Khan, Network for Development and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, I.P.:

Tasks to perform:
⦁    Contribute to the project development.
⦁    Participation and help in the coordination of field surveys, short courses/workshop and conferences (Task 1).
⦁    Contribute to the dissemination of the project through LUANDAWATERFRONT website and social networks (Task 1 and Task 2).
⦁    Help with the dissemination of the project to Stakeholders of the Luanda Bay, universities, local community (Task 2).
⦁    Help in sampling collection of physical-chemical and biological (zooplankton, macrofauna, fishes) parameters, non-indigenous species, and marine litter (Task 4).
⦁    Help to describe the pattern of spatial and temporal distribution of zooplankton, benthic macrofauna and fish species (Task 4). 
⦁    Help to characterize the ecological approaches to zooplankton and benthic macrofauna species and/or community and to determine the influence of the disturbances or environmental impact on these communities from the responses of the organisms in Luanda Bay (Task 4). 
⦁    Help to analyze the temporal and seasonal patterns and the variations in the occurrence of more abundant fish groups (Task 4).
⦁    Help to identify the non-indigenous species and the vectors that introduced, in order to quantify and qualify for the prevention of new introductions (Task 4).
⦁    Help to identify the main categories of plastic (marine litter) accumulated (micro to macro-dimensions) in the Luanda Bay (water and sediment) and to evaluate the state of the bay (Task 4).
⦁    Participate in the development of reports and scientific papers.

Scientific orientation:
Dr.  Maria Alexandra Anica Teodósio, Professor at the Algarve University and Researcher at CCMAR.

Work place:
CCMAR at the Gambelas Campus of the Algarve University, Portugal; Luanda, Angola and other places in accordance with the tasks to perform.

1.    PhD in Marine Science-Marine ecology, MSc. Degree in Biology, Marine Biology, Ecology, Fisheries, Marine Sciences or related biological sciences field.
2.    Excellent research capability demonstrated through publications (namely as first author), technical reports and presentations at conferences.
3.    Availability to work outside the normal working hours, on weekends, holidays in accordance with the project needs, namely in field biological surveys – handling, conservation and identification of marine fauna within the specific project objectives.
4.    Ability to work in team, stimulating a good working environment and ability to develop project tasks as requested by the researcher responsible by the project (supervisor).
5.    Strong skills in Portuguese and English languages (both spoken and written). 
6.    Strong communication skills.
7.    Availability to remain during considerable periods in Angola (demonstrated in writing in the motivation letter).
8.    Diving license. 
9.    B category-driving license.

Non-compliance with any of these requirements invalidates the application. Provision of false documentation will be punished by law.

Evaluation criteria:
1.    PhD area (consider the disciplinary specificity) and PhD thesis report contribution to overall project goals (consider the disciplinary specificity) – 30%
2.    Scientific and Technologic production (Technical reports; scientific publications, namely as first author; oral and poster presentation in congresses) – 20%
3.    Knowledge and experience demonstrated in the socioeconomy of fisheries communities’, ecology of invasive species in estuarine and coastal areas, and sub-tropical ecology and marine biology– 15%
4.    Informatics knowledge from user point of view – 5%
5.    Practical experience in marine fauna sampling temperate and subtropical ecosystems (laboratory and field biological sampling; scientific campaigns) evidenced in the curriculum – 20%
6.    Statistics knowledge in biology and ecology field (e.g. academic scores of specific disciplines; advanced courses) – 10%

The selection jury might interview applicants should they require further information or clarification about their application. 

In the event that no applicant has the necessary profile the jury reserves the right to close the call without any recruitment. During the fellowship, and in the event that the fellowship holder should resign, the jury reserves the right, upon convenience and opportunity, to assign the fellowship to the next applicant in accordance with the ranking position of the selection jury.

Grant conditions: The grant will have an initial duration of 12 months, starting in December 2019 and might be renewed for additional periods up to the end of the project. The fellowship must be undertaken exclusively (full time) according to the Portuguese law 40/2004, of 18 of August (Scientific Research Fellowship holder statutes), Fellowship Regulation of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology in force and the rules of CCMAR research grants

Monthly maintenance allowance: A maintenance allowance of 1509.80€/net (tax free) will be paid each month through inter-bank transfer in accordance with the grant amounts set by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology .

Application period:  from 25 of november to 09 of december 2019. 

Application submission process: Only applications submitted through the CCMAR website will be considered: Applications are considered to be correctly submitted only after the candidate has received a confirmation e-mail from CCMAR. Applications (in English or Portuguese) should include a Motivation Letter (that details the candidates commitment with the requirements and the candidates experience in each evaluation criterion), a detailed Curriculum Vitae, copy of the candidates PhD. certificate and the email contacts of up to 3 referees.

Results and Preliminary Hearing: The judgement of the selection committee will be communicated in writing (by email) within 45 working days after the application deadline. After notification, candidates have 10 working days to contest the preliminary decision sending an email to the selection committee.

Selection Committee: Dr.  Maria Alexandra Anica Teodósio, Professor at the Algarve University and researcher at CCMAR (president of the jury); Dr. Francisco Miguel de Sousa Leitão, researcher at CCMAR (member) and   Dr.  Ana Maria Branco Barbosa Professor at the Algarve University and researcher at CIMA (member). 

Candidates holding degrees awarded by a foreign university should have their degree recognized in Portugal no later than 10 days after receiving the communication of selection for a position. Non-compliance justifies exclusion from the procedure. Information about the recognition procedures can be obtained at any Portuguese university or here. The board of directors reserves the right, upon request from the candidate, to extend the compliance period provided it does not impact negatively in the program
med activities.

Disabled candidates shall be preferred in a situation of equal classification, and said preference supersedes any legal preferences. Candidates must declare, on their honour, their respective disability degree, type of disability and communication / expression means to be used during selection period on their application form, under the regulations above.

CCMAR’s non-discrimination and equal access opportunities policy – No candidate can be privileged, benefited, jeopardised or be deprived of any right or exempt of any claim in regards to descendent, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic situation, origin, social economy, genetic heritage, disability, chronic disease, nationality, ethnicity, territory of origin, language, religion, politics, ideology or union membership.  

Faro, October 22th, 2019 

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