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Mike will join the Biogeographical Ecology and Evolution group and study the utilization of the microbiome in seagrass restoration.
Pilar has joined CCMAR and will contribute to the development of a marine biodiversity data network for the Atlantic coast of Africa. Welcome to the team!
Carina joined CCMAR for setting up an Imaging Platform and to provide a service on Optical Microscopy. Welcome!
Mathilde will do an internship in the Communication Department as a graphic designer and scientific illustrator. Welcome to our team!
The workshop organized by our researcher Nadine Schubert was attended by a group of 13 international experts and 75 participants from 26 countries.
Térence will work with the Biodiversity Data Science research group on the connectivity of coastal species (in particular marine forests) at a global scale. Welcome!
Ankur will study and understand the change in past Indian monsoon patterns between two contrasting glacial-interglacial cycles. Welcome!
Giulia will be doing her PhD at CCMAR where she will use sediment samples from the IODP Site U1387, collected in the Gulf of Cadiz and analyse them. Welcome to our team!
Carlos has joined the Breedflat project team, where he will develop a set of tools to characterise the quality of gametes and the reproductive performance of broodstock. Welcome to the team!