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Alexandra has joined CCMAR and will be working with Gongolaria barbata. This seaweed forms important marine forests in the sea, which are very sensitive to water quality and anthropogenic stress factors. Welcome to the team!
Monica joined CCMAR and her main goal is to reconstruct spatial and temporal variations in sea surface temperature, paleoproductivity, and biodiversity in the mid-latitudinal North Atlantic during the Early Pleistocene (1.5-1.2...
Coralie has joined CCMAR and is working with an innovative palynological approach, systematically combining a joint analysis of terrestrial and marine palynomorphs. Welcome to the team!
Ana will be the project manager for AQUASERV, a Europe Research Area project of infrastructure services for sustainable aquaculture, fisheries and the blue economy.
Lea is completing her internship at CCMAR, supporting the Human Resources Office and the Scientific Diving Centre.
Lilian is the Scientific Coordinator for the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean, an international consortium that includes CCMAR.
Inês has joined the Human Resources team to assist with recruitment and administration. Welcome to CCMAR!
Jennifer has joined CCMAR as part of the INNATEMEM project, and is working with marine bivalves immune responses. Welcome to the team!
Davide has joined the Marbiotech group, where he is carrying out his post-doctoral research as part of the RHE-MEDiation project. Welcome!