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Sarah will be joining the EMSO-PT and ENVRI-FAIR projects. Welcome!
Juliette will do her PhD at CCMAR, where she will study marine protected areas in the European Union and their levels of protection. Welcome to CCMAR!
Alizé is working as a research fellow for seagrass restoration projects in Ria Formosa. Welcome!
In this new position, Vânia will determine the main drivers that guide fish larvae to nursery habitats and she is also the Principal Investigator of the LittleFish project.
Oswin will study fluxes of CO 2 and CH4 in salt marshes and seagrass meadows in Ria Formosa. Welcome to the team!
Through the fellowship, Adela did a training on marine protected areas that will contribute to her PhD project.
Maria will be part of the Communication Department, where she will support the organization of events and the development of graphic contents. Welcome!
Pedro joined the communication team, where he will promote CCMAR's services and activities to various types of audiences. Welcome to the team!
The researcher was a speaker in the session "Terrestrial Systems", where she presented the most recent data from her CoralOx project.