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Ankur will study and understand the change in past Indian monsoon patterns between two contrasting glacial-interglacial cycles. Welcome!
Giulia will be doing her PhD at CCMAR where she will use sediment samples from the IODP Site U1387, collected in the Gulf of Cadiz and analyse them. Welcome to our team!
Carlos has joined the Breedflat project team, where he will develop a set of tools to characterise the quality of gametes and the reproductive performance of broodstock. Welcome to the team!
Sara will study the ecology and habitat use of sea turtles around São Tomé Island, assess the impact of small-scale fisheries and understand the socioeconomic and cultural implications of turtle consumptive use. Welcome!
Julia started her PhD at CCMAR where she will test technological innovations to rebuild Portuguese marine seagrass meadows and value their ecosystem services. Welcome!
Alejandro will do an internship where he will identify and quantify light-related genes using bioinformatics tools and how this influences the sea cucumber study model. Welcome!
Katerina will be doing an Erasmus internship under the supervision of our researcher Bruno Louro. Welcome on board!
Maria has joined Aquagroup, where she will conduct her Master's thesis. Welcome to the team!
Sarah will be joining the EMSO-PT and ENVRI-FAIR projects. Welcome!