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Ethanol and gloves were some of the materials that CCMAR researchers gathered and delivered at the new diagnostic centre for Covid-19 near the Algarve Stadium.
In the first CCMAR inspires, an auditorium filled with over a hundred people could hear Alexandre Quintanilha. His amazing presentation can now be watched on our youtube channel.
Sofia Graça Aranhais, PhD student, will join the ECOREACH group to study the deep-sea elasmobranchs. Welcome!
Vânia Baptista recently finished her PhD and as now joined the ECOREACH group to work in the LuandaWaterFront project. Congratulations!
Fish Ethology and Welfare group, from the Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) organized last November a unique fish welfare course, attended by some renowned international researchers in this area.
On November 26-28, PhD student Lisa Schüler and researcher Gangadhar Katkam from MarBiotech participated in the EUROCAROTEN conference, which took place in Cyprus.
Between the 6 th and 18 th of December 9 students of the Master in Marine Biology will defend their thesis.
This abstract is very relevant for the development of an innovating pre-clinical model test to select the best leads for OA (Osteoarthritis) therapeutics.
Lucas Ramirez is back to CCMAR and will join the InforBiomares project.