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CCMAR, Univerity of Algarve and the Fulbright Commission-Portugal are offering a prestigious fellowships to host an American scholar in Open Ocean Ecology for three months.
Eudriano Costa will join CCMAR team as Junior Researcher on the project BIOFISH – QoL.
Catarina Guerreiro Pereira presented and defended her thesis about “Chemical and biological characterization of halophyte plants with ethnopharmacological use in the Algarve coast”.
Melina Coelho da Silva has joined CCMAR to study chemical communication in fishes, more specifically to identify dominance pheromones in the Siamese fighting fish.
Bárbara Cadete joined the CCMAR Communication team as an intern. Welcome on board!
Filipa Pinheiro joined the Aquaculture Research Group team working through the project Assemble Plus. Welcome aboard Filipa!
Hanna Zabakh is joining CCMAR to investigate biodiversity and the taxonomy of marine algae on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts and also to investigate the pharmacological activities of marine macroalgae.
We are looking for an Accounting Technician (M/F). Send your CV until 11th of June!
João Encarnação will be assessing the present distribution of new species across the Algarve coast.