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Stefan Abreu Fernandes , MSc student of the CEIB group , won the award for the best scientific poster with his presentation at the XI Portuguese Conference on Polar Sciences .
The prize was awarded at the AIEC congress with the Innate Immune Response of two Antarctic Notothenioid Fish presentation.
Our Doctor Vânia Baptista concluded her thesis, on the 30 th of October, about the Influence of oceanography and larvae behavior on the recruitment of temperate fishes.
The visit was an invitation from CRIA , which has been in contact with the company Empowered Startups to identify new opportunities for other companies.
Gabriel Bombo will join the MarBiotech group as an MSc student to do his thesis about two microalgae strains collected in different regions of Algarve's coast.
Daniela de Castro will join the Bioskel group, where she will prepare her master thesis about microalgae.
The 2019-2020 seminar cycle has begun!
Ricardo Cerqueira joined the GreenTreat project as an MSc student to characterize and track down the evolution of bacteria-microalgae consortia.
The ICES training course in Genetics in support of fisheries and aquaculture management was a success!