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  • Scientists save corals following storms and they ask for your help
    Researchers from CCMAR at the University of Algarve are collecting a type of coral commonly referred to as gorgonians that were stranding on shore following recent storms in order to transplant them back to their natural habitat.
  • ATT: Marine Biogeochemistry Training School
    Faro, Portugal, from the 5th to the 8th of June, 2018. Registration and Fellowship details.
  • CCMAR Seminars
    Every week we organize seminars. It's an opportunity to get to know our research and also promote network with other institutions and companies. Free entrance. See our agenda!
  • SIBIC2018
    VII Congress of the Iberian Society for Ichthyology, Faro, Portugal, from the 12th to the 16th of June, 2018. REGISTER NOW
  • 24th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC 24)
    Will take place in Portugal, Faro, from 1 to 6 July 2018.
Name Group Position
A. Miguel P. Santos
Senior Researcher
Adelino V M Canário Senior Researcher
Adriana Ressurreição
Alexandra Carvalho Alves PhD Student
Alexandra Teodósio Senior Researcher
Alexssandro Geferson Becker Postdoc
Amin Lopes Ismael Researcher
Amrit Kumar Mishra
Ana Grenha
Senior Researcher
Ana Alexandra Pedrosa Ramos
Ana Carina Bila da Silva Norte
Ana Catarina Pina Águas
Ana Filipa Benedito da Assunção
Ana Isabel Delfim dos Santos Alexandre Postdoc
Ana Marçalo
Ana Margarida Amaral
General Management
Ana Marília Barreira Claro
Ana Patrícia Gago Mateus
Ana Ramalho Ribeiro PhD Student
Ana Teresa Lopes Ferreira Luís
André Andrade Research Assistant
André Silva Research Technician
Andreia Lúcia Gonçalves Adrião
Andreia Pinto
Communication & Outreach
Andreia Rebotim
PhD Student
Antje H L Voelker
Senior Researcher
António Vilhena Sykes
Senior Researcher
Aschwin Hillebrand Engelen
Bárbara Horta e Costa
Begoña Martínez Crego Postdoc
Bernardete Lopes Rodrigues
Bruno Emanuel de Campos Guerreiro
PhD Student
Bruno Louro Postdoc
Carla Alexandra São Bento Viegas
Carla Monteiro
Carla Sofia Emídio Rodrigues Lourenço
Carlos Alexander Pombo Sonderblohm
Carlos Lopes
Carlos Manuel Lourenço Afonso
Carmen B de los Santos Postdoc
Cármen Sofia Vieira de Sousa PhD Student
Carolina Amaral Frade Bruno de Sousa
Catarina Cavaleiro
PhD Student
Catarina Figueiredo da Mota
Catarina Guerreiro Pereira
PhD Student
Catarina Oliveira Postdoc
Cátia Filipa Sousa Marques
Cátia Freitas Research Technician
Célia Teresa Neto dos Santos
Céline Rodrigues Madeira