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Acronym Title Coordinator Start End Overall Budget Budget CCMAR
ETOXPT ETOXPT - Emergent toxins on the Portuguese coast: occurrence, transfer kinetics and toxicity Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario, Sandra Lage
PATHAA Mitigation of global warming effects on fish viability via nutritional programming Sofia Engrola 06/2015 05/2020
Characterization of bioengineered extracellular vesicles (EVs) loaded with Gla-rich protein: a proteomic approach Carla Alexandra São Bento Viegas, Dina Simes
HaloFarMs (PRIMA) HaloFarMs (PRIMA): Development and Optimization of Halophyte-based Farming systems in salt-affected Mediterranean Soils Luísa Custódio
BREEDFLAT New approaches on the dietary-effects in broodfish: the role of nutrition on sustainable production of flatfish Elsa Cabrita 11/2021 04/2024
EEA Grants - Programa Crescimento Azul
ANA ANA - Biodiversity monitoring in the Ria Formosa (Ludo area) - Airport of Faro Jorge Manuel dos Santos Gonçalves 01/2015 12/2018
PerformFISH 'Consumer driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain - PerformFISH Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 05/2017 04/2022
MASS Microplastics in the Aquatic environment: Sources and Sinks Isabel Marín Beltrán 03/2019 03/2025
FISHODOR Integrating conspecific odors into tilapia reproductive behavior - FISHODOR Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 06/2017 05/2020
RI-VIS Increasing visibility of research infrastrutures Adelino Vicente Mendonça Canario 02/2019 01/2022