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Acronym Title Coordinator Group Start End Overall Budget Budget CCMAR
CRYO-FISH Gamete and embryo cryobanking for the preservation of threatened endemic fish Elsa Cabrita, Victor Gallego 07/2021 06/2023
Transversal Biobancos (WP9) PRR: Pacto Bioeconomia Azul - Transversal Biobancos (WP9) Ester Serrão 10/2021 12/2025
PBA PRR: Pacto Bioeconomia Azul Ester Serrão 10/2021 12/2025
Vertical Bivalves PRR: Pacto Bioeconomia Azul - Vertical Bivalves (WP 2) Jorge Manuel dos Santos Gonçalves, João Silva 10/2021 12/2025
Blue Forests Education Boosting Blue Forests Education and Capacity Building Rui Santos 10/2021 05/2023
EEA Grants - Programa Crescimento Azul
BridgingAll Bridging university and schools by ocean science Rute Sofia Tavares Martins 10/2021 06/2023
EEA Grants - Programa Crescimento Azul
BREEDFLAT New approaches on the dietary-effects in broodfish: the role of nutrition on sustainable production of flatfish Elsa Cabrita 11/2021 04/2024
EEA Grants - Programa Crescimento Azul
FlameGRP Exploring the therapeutic application of Gla-rich protein (GRP) in inflammation-related diseases using natural bioengineered nanovesicles Carla Alexandra São Bento Viegas 12/2021 11/2023
LittleFish LittleFish-STP - São Tome and Príncipe little fish threatened - a big opportunity to unravel this fishery resource in tropical islands Vânia Baptista 01/2022 12/2024
ICW3P Impact of climate warming in the coastal upwelling system and primary production off Portugal: a study linking classical and emergent proxies Fatima Abrantes, Lívia Gebara Cordeiro 01/2022 12/2024