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Alexandre Quintanilha é o primeiro convidado de uma série de debates do CCMAR


In each event, guest scholars from different horizon are revealing the latest development in their topics of research, picking in their personal journey and decisive moments to expose their views on questions that are critical for the advancement of science.

Concretely, our guest speakers give an introductory presentation on their topic, which is followed by a discussion between specialists, fed by questions of the public.

In this first session of CCMAR inspires, scheduled to next Friday, 7th of February, at 5pm at the Auditório da Faculdade de Economia of UAlg (Gambelas Campus), Alexandre Quintanilha is invited to debate the relationship between knowledge and democracy. The famous biophysicist turned member of parliament, will discuss the links between knowledge and democracy, the reasons of misunderstanding and the changes ahead of us.

A large part of human activity consists in producing and disseminating information, and in the case of scientists to produce knowledge. Information and knowledge are key to take adapted decisions, especially in a democratic society. However, scientists often feel that their knowledge is not considered by politics and by society, whilst challenges ahead of us are growing.

The audience is invited to follow the discussion afterwards with a drink. The events will take place three to four times per year, on the campus of Gambelas. Even though oriented to an academic audience, the events are open to all and free. Exchanges are always in English.


Preliminary program for 2020:

  • Prof. Richard Thompson, marine biologist, Director of the Marine Institute, University of Plymouth. Provisional: Marine plastic pollution. End September 2020, 5pm.
  • Dr. Lynne Sneddon, biologist, Director of Ethics for the School of Life Sciences, University of Liverpool. Provisional title: Animal sentience and ethics. Friday 11 December 2020, 5pm.


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