Ana Marçalo was invited as a keynote Speaker at SIEBM XX | - CCMAR -

Ana Marçalo was invited as a keynote Speaker at SIEBM XX


The 20th Iberian Symposium of Marine Biology Studies invited our researcher, Ana Marçalo, as a keynote speaker.

With the title “Integrating knowledge among fishermen and scientists for better marine conservation and management: A running example in Southern Portugal (Algarve)", our researcher presented an overviewed of the projects coordinated by the Fisheries, Conservation and Biodiversity Group from CCMAR. “We use a participatory multi-actor approach using various tools in order to achieve the best results in specific subjects for better coastal fisheries and resource management.”

In the presentation, was given a focus to an ongoing project, iNOVPESCA, that works towards solving competition between cetaceans and coastal fisheries.

Organized by the Centre for Molecular and Environmental Biology, the XX Symposium took place at the University of Minho in Braga, from September 9 to 12. The event had eight presentations given by great international merit.

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