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CCMAR organizes intensive fish welfare Course


The “Fish welfare” course took place from 11 to 13 November 2019 at the University of Algarve (Faro) and was attended by 50 people from eight countries, representing industry, academia, non-governmental organizations, public aquariums and oceanariums. , veterinarians and government institutions.

This intensive course lasted three days, during which participants were able to discuss further advances in the welfare of captive animals and fish used for experimental purposes. This novel integrative approach towards advanced training in the welfare of farmed and experimental fish relied on five sessions: 1) cognition and sentience, 2) sensory systems and stress, 3)  applications of research, 4) health and pathology, and finally 5) welfare assessment, certifications and policy.

Lynne Sneddon from the University of Liverpool (UK), Michail Pavlidis from the University of Crete (Greece), Francesc Padrós from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) and Jeff Lines from Silsoe Systems (UK) were some of the renowned experts who came to this unique event.

Many CCMAR researchers from different research teams were also present, providing an holistic and practical perspective to the welfare of captive fish.

In parallel with this course, a book was launched, with the edition of João L. Saraiva and Pablo Arechavala-Lopez, both CCMAR researcherers and members of the Fish Ethology and Welfare group.




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