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CCMAR participates in the National Science and Technology Week 



During the 23rd and 29th of November, we celebrated the National Science and Technology Week in collaboration with Ciência Viva - National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, where we show our laboratories, the researchers who work there daily, their research and contributions to society. 

This year, due to the context of the current pandemic we are going through, the activities are all conducted in the digital format. CCMAR has joined this initiative and organized several online activities for about 300 elementary school students from schools from all over the region, in tight collaboration with the Association Tempos Brilhantes

In a week full of science we prepared the following activities: 

  • Lectures with activities about the DNA: the book of life and the Impact of Climate Change on Marine Life with our researchers João Cardoso and Zélia Velez. In this lecture, the students will have the opportunity to realize at the same time as the researcher an experience, making the activity more interactive. 
  • A conversation with a polar scientist in which we prepared an interview with our researcher Carmen Sousa who travelled to the Antarctic to study the fish that inhabit that cold sea.  
  • Movie "Virtual visit to CCMAR", where we show the facilities of our centre, laboratories and share some of the work done by our researchers in laboratories and fieldwork. 
  • A virtual visit to our zebrary, in film format, where our master student Daniela Castro explains the importance of zebrafish in marine research and shows her workroom. 

During this week the CCVIVA promotes the science carried out in Portugal, through hundreds of activities organized by scientific institutions, universities, schools, museums and research centres all over the country.