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CCMAR researcher publishes book about Aquaculture


This Tuesday, May 11th, the book "Introduction to Aquaculture" will be launched. The book addresses the state-of-the-art and the challenges faced by aquaculture as a modern industry, including finding for each production system the balance that simultaneously ensures environmental, social, and economic sustainability. The book, written by Maria Teresa Dinis, researcher at CCMAR and Rui Miranda Rocha (CESAM), aims to be a tool for Portuguese-speaking students and entrepreneurs who are starting in aquaculture or other specialized areas. 

For the author, the book aims to fill a gap in the national publishing space and was written about the reality of Portuguese aquaculture, but developed in a transversal way regarding the technical aspects inherent to the practice of aquaculture worldwide.  

In the last thirty years, aquaculture, as an industry, has experienced significant growth and has outpaced all other sectors of animal production. Natural resources are finite, and "in the case of the food sector, with the increase of the population, there is a need to produce more and more food.  But the production method is changing from the perspective of environmental sustainability and in what is now called the circular economy," explains Maria Teresa Dinis.

Our researcher ends this work "with a sense of accomplishment, at the end of a professional life dedicated to aquaculture, and with the hope that the book serves its purpose".

The book, whose authors are Maria Teresa Dinis, emeritus professor at the University of Algarve, and her old student Rui Miranda Rocha, director of operations in Riasearch and researcher at the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM), University of Aveiro, can be purchased in all bookstores or online.