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Cientificamente Provável programme is back!


Did you know that your school and students can learn about the work developed by researchers at the Centre of Marine Sciences of the Algarve (CCMAR-Algarve)? For the third consecutive year, the CCMAR-Algarve brings science to schools through the Cientificamente Provável programme

Between January and February 2022, the CCMAR-Algarve has scheduled 25 lectures for about 1250 students from Olhão, Fuzeta and Moncarapacho schools, belonging to Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Francisco Lopes. The classes can choose from 16 lectures with practical activities in the scope of the research projects conducted at our centre, which range from the DNA to the impacts of climate change and human action on marine life, environmental biotechnology, food waste and artificial intelligence!

“This initiative is extremely important in the contact between scientists and the school community,” says João Cardoso, a researcher at CCMAR and responsible for this initiative. "Contributing to the education of young people by showing the top research work that we develop in our centre is one of our priorities".

Cientificamente Provável is an outreach initiative promoted by the Secretary of State for Education, through the school libraries network, and the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, which aims to promote knowledge and contribute to the educational enrichment of young people, establishing closer relations between higher education institutions and primary and secondary schools, with the intermediation of school libraries.

The school libraries interested in collaborating and developing these and other activities with CCMAR-Algarve through Cientificamente Provável can contact