Cientificamente Provável programme is over, but it will be back next year! | - CCMAR -

Cientificamente Provável programme is over, but it will be back next year!


From January to the end of May of this year, our scientists visited several schools in the Algarve to teach students about marine science!

In the 2022 edition of Cientificamente Provável, CCMAR collaborated with 10 schools from different areas of the Algarve, from Olhão to Portimão, where our researchers had contact with almost 2 250 primary and secondary school students.

In total, 59 activities were carried out about the DNA molecule, the microbiome, the effect of climate change, pollution in the oceans and food waste.

"It has been a busy and very positive year! We would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to this project. If you would like your school to learn about our programme and participate in the next year, please contact us!", is the appeal made by our researcher João Cardoso, responsible for the programme.

Cientificamente Provável aims to promote knowledge and contribute to the educational enrichment of young people, establishing stronger relations between universities and primary and secondary schools, with the intermediation of the school libraries.

School libraries interested in collaborating and developing these and other activities with CCMAR-Algarve through Cientificamente Provável can contact

Cientificamente Provável is an outreach initiative promoted by the Secretary of State for Education, through the school libraries network, and the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education.