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European Researchers' Night - Getting science closer to citizens


European Researchers' Night is a different activity! It aims to end the existing barriers that separate science and researchers from citizens. And how? Through various activities that take place over the year, resulting in a night that celebrates science in several European cities on the last Friday of September.

Our IPMA researchers Dulce Oliveira, Teresa Rodrigues, Emília Salgueiro, Ana Lopes and Aline Mega participated in this initiative, in Lisbon, with an activity entitled "The Oceans as an important source of climate history on Earth", part of the "WarmWorld" project.

In this activity, they explained how the climatic conditions of our planet have been changing over time, through the paleoclimatic indicators preserved in marine sediments.  This material deposited on the ocean floor is a very important source of information about the climatic and oceanographic conditions existing at the time of its deposition.

Presenting and disseminating scientific work, integrating students and society in this type of environment and alerting to the importance of research on the earth to be an ever-changing planet with main attention to climate change are the main objectives of this activity conducted by researchers.

The initiative took place at the National Museum of Natural History and Science in Lisbon last Friday, 27 September.