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Experts discuss the skeleton during this week


CCMAR organizes this week the fifth conference “Interdisciplinary Approaches in Fish Skeletal Biology (IAFSB)”  in Tavira, Portugal. IAFSB conferences promote the dialogue between experts from different disciplines that have a common interest in fish skeletal research and comparative skeletal biology.

This year, IAFSB has 91 participants, 48 oral presentations and 31 posters. Participants come from disciplines such as Evolution and Development, Developmental Genomics and Proteomics, Biomedical Sciences and Regenerative Medicine, Ichthyology and Systematics, Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics, Aquaculture and Nutrition, and others.

"At IAFSB we focus to maintain a multidisciplinary focus to gain a deeper understanding of our broader field of interest – the skeleton", say the scientific organizers, that aim to create discussion across disciplines, during this event.

The IAFSB ends next thursday, April 19th.