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II Workshop of Indicators for monitoring the marine protected areas


In the I workshop, the candidate monitoring indicators were identified and discussed and the selection criterion for obtaining a final list was evaluated.  A post-workshop was subsequently carried out to classify a list of 132 indicators based on the defined criterions. In this II workshop, the objective is to reduce, edit and validate this list of indicators.

The II workshop on monitoring indicators of marine protected areas is a collaborative task of 3 projects: MARSW and Inforbiomares (which have CCMAR as a partner) and OMARE.

Inforbiomares is a project to monitor marine biodiversity in Arrábida's classified areas. Our centre aims to restore populations of marine forests of large algae, seagrass and coral and develop a communication strategy that follows the mission and objectives of national protected areas and the European Union's policies for science.

The MARSW project works on the research of information on the status of habitats and species in the Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park (PNSACV). This information is very important in PNSACV's management decision making which should ensure the efficient conservation of marine biodiversity, including the priority habitats and species of the Natura 2000 network. 

The event brings together about 30 marine conservation experts who have come together to define the indicators that should be used in the future to assess the impact and efficacy of marine protected areas in Portugal.

Besides our researchers, we receive specialists from ICNF, LPN, Universidade do Minho, Câmara Municipal de Esposende, CIIMAR, Universidade Lisboa - mare, Universidade Évora-mare, CCMAR, UALG, and Ispa-mare.