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New on Board: Ana Marçalo


Ana Marçalo joined CCMAR on 22nd march 2017 to work with the Coastal Fisheries Research Group (CFRG).
Welcome Ana!


Tell us a bit about the work you’ll be doing at CCMAR.
I will be collaborating with the Coastal Fisheries Research Group. My focus is to reduce fish discards/slipping and bycatch of cetaceans in the Portuguese Purse seine fishery. Developed ideas and experimental outputs will be used to inform best practice and propose technical and management solutions for discard/slipping reduction and mitigating related cetacean by-catch mortality along the coast.

What were you doing before you joined us?
As a pos doc fellow at CESAM-University of Aveiro (2010-2016) I have studied the interaction of cetaceans with Algarve fisheries, conducting also mitigation trials (e.g. acoustic alarm testing). I´ve coordinated the cetacean and marine turtle Algarve local stranding network and performed cetacean diet analysis to calculate dolphin consumption rates of small pelagic fish.

What interests and hobbies do you enjoy when you are not doing science?
I enjoy the outdoors and quality time with friends, family and my pets. I love to travel and get to know new people, places and cultures. I can never be too away from the sea and I am the most happy when I visit my hometown Figueira da Foz. I enjoy a good relaxing day watching a movie and be able to cook a good Portuguese meal.

Location: Office L23 at Gambelas Campus - UAlg
Tlph: 7178 E-mail: