NEW ON BOARD: Katia Pes | - CCMAR -



1. Tell us a bit about the work you’ll be doing at CCMAR. 

I am doing a 6 months post-graduation internship with the Erasmus + project. I will work at the Marine Plant Ecology laboratory in a project investigating the effect of an herbicide on seagrasses. 


2. What were you doing before you joined us? 

I got my bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences in 2016, meanwhile last December I got my master’s degree in Land and Marine Environment Management at the University of Sassari. I have already done an internship at CCMAR the BIOSKEL laboratory for my master thesis which had as objective evaluate the effects of some pharmaceuticals on several marine species. 


3. What are your interests and hobbies when you’re not doing science? 

During my free time I like to relax, spend time with my boyfriend and friends, go out and walk on the beach, in the middle of nature or even in the city. And last but not less important I like to travel, discover new places and know different cultures and food