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NEW ON BOARD: Tiago Almeida


1. Tell us a bit about the work you’ll be doing at CCMAR. 

I will be working on AQUAEXCELL2020 project, where I will be building a low-cost and disposable capacitive sensor for monitoring respiratory rate in medium sized free-swimming fish. The sensor shall be placed inside fish operculum and the periodic movements of the operculum will be converted into capacitive signals. These signals will be transmitted wirelessly via radio-frequency to a reader for remote fish monitoring.


2. What were you doing before you joined us? 

Actually i was doing my master’s thesis under the AQUAEXCELL2020 project, where I developed a radio-frequency system monitoring a sensor tag underwater. After that, i joined a 3D printer company in Aveiro for a nine-month professional internship where i programmed 3D printers as a firmware engineer. Now i am back in town for this exciting project.


3. What are your interests and hobbies when you’re not doing science? 

I do like practicing sports, such as, football, tennis and squash, as well as fitness training, such as, running, swimming and gym. Watching movies, travelling and listen to music are also my favorite hobbies.