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New PhD candidate: Javier Jiménez


Tell us a bit about the work you are/will be doing at CCMAR.
I will do a PhD at CCMAR under the PRR Vertical Macroalgas Project. I will focus on the integration of citizen science to monitor macroalgae blooms, ecophysiology responses of bloom-forming invasive species and the implications of their decomposition in climate change. 


What were you doing before you joined us?
I worked on a research project at the University of Azores, involved in the monitoring of the impacts of different invasive macroalgae. After, I worked in the management of macroalgae blooms through the creation of monitoring and mitigation strategies 


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love to travel and discover new places while following my passion for surfing. I also like scuba diving, climbing and enjoy time with family and friends.