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Seaweed cultivation and biotechnology


We are seeking to hire a researcher with experience in seaweed cultivation and biotechnology, particularly in tissue, free cells or protoplast culture of seaweeds, and/or algae growth engineering.

The selected candidate will join a world-class team of leading researchers, seaweed experts and aquatic farmers working towards unlocking the production of novel red seaweed species integrated with fish aquaculture ( Greener Grazing is a R&D initiative operating on three continents, with support from major philanthropic organizations.

The specific goal for this position is to develop protoplast-based methods in red seaweeds to obtain continuous viable stocks of seedlings, with regeneration capabilities. The position is for 12 months, starting in January 2019, with a salary dependent on the candidate’s experience in the specific field of research.

To demonstrate interest in this position, please send me an email ( until November 11th including 1) a summary of your previous experiences in this field of research (protoplast culture of seaweeds, algae growth), 2) your motivation to be part of this team and project, and 3) your CV attached.