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We flew to Milan!


Why did I go to Italy to visit Politecnico di Milano? 
In April I went to Milan to visit my project OPTIMAR collaborator Andrea Bassi and the Center for Ultrafast Science and Biomedical Optics (CUSBO), a leading centre in bio-photonics (science that studies biological cells, tissues and particles using light) with vast expertise in mesoscopic microscopy.
At CCMAR, we are developing deep learning-based image reconstruction and processing methods for real-time mesoscopic imaging. These types of fast imaging approaches will be tested and used in a varied range of mesoscopic imaging setups available at CUSBO. 


A trip with lots of ideas and memories!
We found solutions for our project on this trip and already have lots of other ideas for new projects in mind! The CUSBO is an impressive centre with a wide range of cutting-edge microscopes used in several fields such as biomedicine, agriculture, and cultural heritage. Furthermore, we exchanged ideas for future outreach activities for the European researchers' night.
It was nice to see all my collaborators from the Physics department that I hadn't seen for about 10 years! I still had time for a day trip to Venice and to try the food and the "apéro time" (snack time)!


New technologies for CCMAR
Our aim is to bring these imaging technologies and software to CCMAR and provide access to all researchers at the centre.