We travelled to Norway to see halibut and fjords!  | - CCMAR -

We travelled to Norway to see halibut and fjords! 


Our researchers Elsa Cabrita and Elvira Fatsini together with Jorge Fernandes (Nord University, Norway) visited in February the facilities of the company Sogn Aqua Juveniles SA - located in the middle of the "Sogn" fjord in Norway, the largest located in Europe - with whom they will work. 

The working visit was accompanied by Rune Valaker (Sogn Aqua Juveniles SA) and aimed to get to know the facilities where the broodstock of halibut with which they will work on the Breedflat project will be installed. 

This partnership opens up new opportunities as Sogn Aqua Juveniles SA is a new and important point of contact for halibut producers to work with. 

The BREEDFLAT project aims to improve the reproductive capacity of Senegalese sole, turbot and halibut, important aquaculture production in Portugal and Norway, by improving the nutrition of the broodstock.   

Specific food for the broodstock will be developed, considering the nutritional needs of each species and the efforts dedicated to gametogenesis to improve the reproductive and immunological traits of the progeny of these 3 flatfish species.