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TitleEffect of desferrioxamine and 2,2'-bipyridyl on the proliferation of Perkinsus atlanticus.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsElandalloussi, LM, Afonso, R, Nunes, PA, M. Cancela, L
Year of Publication2003
JournalBiomol Eng
Date Published2003 Jul
Keywords2,2'-Dipyridyl, Animals, Apicomplexa, Cell Division, Cell Survival, Dose-Response Relationship, Drug, Peptides, Cyclic

Two types of iron chelators, desferrioxamine (DFO) and 2,2'-bipyridyl (BIP), selected for their differential binding properties, permeability and stoechiometry, were tested for their ability to inhibit the in vitro proliferation of the carpet shell clam parasite Perkinsus atlanticus. A tetrazolium-based assay was used to determine the effect of the drugs on cell proliferation. Both chelators were able to inhibit P. atlanticus proliferation in a dose-dependent manner, the 50% inhibitory concentration were 14 and 24 microM for DFO and BIP, respectively, in a 72 h test. This effect was reversed by co-addition of iron, confirming that this activity is due to the sequestration of iron. These results indicate a high degree of susceptibility of the protozoan parasite to chelator-induced iron deprivation. However, this effect was reversible upon removal of the drugs, indicating that the action of both chelators was cytostatic. For the range of concentrations tested the combined drug effects was not significantly higher than the additive effect of the individual drugs.



Alternate JournalBiomol. Eng.
PubMed ID12919819
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