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TitlePhotochemical transformations of tetrazole derivatives: applications in organic synthesis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsFrija, LMiguel Teo, Ismael, A, Cristiano, MLS
Year of Publication2010
Date Published2010 May 25
KeywordsOrganic Chemistry Processes, Photochemical Processes, Tetrazoles

Tetrazoles remain a challenge to photochemists. Photolysis leads to cleavage of the tetrazolyl ring, may involve various photodegradation pathways and may produce a diversity of photoproducts, depending on the structure and conformational flexibility of the substituents and the possibility of tautomerism. If the photochemistry of tetrazoles is considered within the frame of synthetic applications the subject is even more challenging, since the ultimate goal is to achieve selectivity and high yield. In addition, the photoproducts must remain stable and allow isolation or trapping, in order to be used in other reactions. This review summarises the photochemical transformations of tetrazole derivatives that can be used as effective synthetic routes to other compounds.


Alternate JournalMolecules
PubMed ID20657512