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TitleDemand feeding and welfare in farmed fish.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsAttia, J, Millot, S, Di-Poï, C, Bégout, M-L, Noble, C, F Sanchez-Vazquez, J, Terova, G, Saroglia, M, Damsgård, B
Year of Publication2012
JournalFish Physiol Biochem
Date Published2012 Feb
KeywordsAnimal Welfare, Animals, Feeding Behavior, Feeding Methods, Fishes, Food Preferences

Following the development of demand-feeding systems, many experiments have been conducted to explore feeding motivation and feed intake in farmed fish. This work aims to review a selection of studies in the field, focusing on three key factors, related to demand feeding and fish welfare. Firstly, we outline how demand feeders should be considered when developing feed management strategies for improving welfare in production conditions. Secondly, via laboratory demand-feeding experiments, we show self-feeding activities depend not only on feeding motivation and social organisation, but also on individual learning capacity and risk-taking behaviour. Thirdly, we report encouraging results demonstrating that when presented with two or more self-feeders containing complementary foods, fish select a diet according to their specific nutritional requirements, suggesting that demand feeders could be used to improve welfare by allowing fish to meet their nutritional needs.


Alternate JournalFish Physiol. Biochem.
PubMed ID21728053
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