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​The RAAlg - Algarve Stranding Network - is a citizen's science project that arises from the initiative to reactivate the Algarve stranding network, inactive since 2017, in order to fill an existing gap in this coastal area regarding the systematic collection of information on sea turtle and cetacean dead strandings. 

The National Stranding Network is coordinated by Nature and Forests Conservation Institute (ICNF). However, in order to provide a faster response to the occurrence of strandings, the creation of a network of local and regional teams sub-coordinated by entities such as non-governmental organizations and universities, is of paramount importance. In order to accomplish this, the Algarve Stranding Network was created comprising a team of biologists from CCMAR and the University of Algarve, on permanent standby.

This team is accredited and trained to respond to alerts of dead sea turtles and cetaceans throughout the Algarve, from Odeceixe to Vila Real de Santo António. All stranded animals are considered for systematic collection of information to determine patterns of occurrence and assess causes of death. Fresh animal necropsies are also performed to obtain samples for various studies. The Ria Formosa Natural Park (ICNF) is playing a key role in this project, by providing adequate facilities and infrastructures for our labs at Quinta de Marim, in Olhão. Furthermore, the ICNF Nature Rangers are also assisting the team of biologists with transport between our labs and the stranding locations, whenever possible.

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