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The | research infrastructure is the national bioinformatics and biological data platform for Portugal and the national node of the European ESFRI ELIXIR biological data programme. The consortium is a distributed e-infrastructure consisting of 12 research institutions, including CCMAR, which collaborate to provide bioinformatics services and training to the Portuguese academic community and a focal point for international collaboration with other countries in the EU.

The research infrastructure interfaces with both academia and industry, making research available for innovation in sectors such as agro-food and forestry, the sea, and health. services include ELIXIR services such as a training programme and computing facilities, as well as consulting services in data analysis and management, and a number of community services.

CCMAR contributes to by organising the marine domain component of the RI, and participates in the Microbiome (formally Marine Metagenomics) and Plant Sciences communities. CCMAR also contributes a computing hardware platform (named CETA) consisting of a High-Performance Computing facility and access to virtual machines on demand. Services, training and platforms can be accessed through the website.