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Bioprospection, Biodiscovery and Enabling Technologies

Top of our research agenda is the development of applied technology that enables us to unlock the potential of marine resources, while minimizing environmental impacts. For this, we have established a multidisciplinary team of researchers, which includes biologists, agronomists, chemical engineers, chemists, pharmacologists and technologists. We work together in several research strategies, including:

  • Stimulating blue growth through the discovery of new products from novel biomass of marine origin, and adding value to existing ones, by multiplying their applications;
  • Consolidating and developing new and innovative cross-cutting transdisciplinary technological capacities to expand technologies and pipelines for bio-prospection and bio-exploring of marine compounds and materials;
  • Developing remediation strategies for a variety of anthropogenic threats and identifying and developing strategies to mitigate the effects of global climate changes.


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